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Equality and Diversity in Practice:

Understanding and Valuing Others



To help staff understand better the needs and feelings of their colleagues and clients in order to improve staff relationships and the quality and accessibility of the services they provide.  


About the workshop


This 1 day or compressed ½ day workshop offers a refreshing change from the more traditional workshops on the market which focuses on the law or theatrical demonstrations which over the years have had limited impact on changing the way employees relate to each other and their clients. 


Our workshop uses a range of new, fun, innovate and relevant activities involving everyone which helps delegates to see how equality and diversity impacts on us ALL, and how in a very practical way we can show that we value others. 


At the heart of valuing others is “understanding people” and responding in a sensitive and effective way to their individual feelings and needs.   The workshop improves delegates’ understanding of their colleagues and clients so that they can effectively demonstrate and promote equality and diversity.


The workshop cleverly covers in a sensitive and non-threatening way all the various equality and diversity strands (i.e. gender, disability, race, sexual orientation, age, religion & beliefs).  


The workshop activities are fun, informative, and challenging.  It guarantees to make a positive and lasting impression on the delegates, as well as improve the working environment and corporate image.  Click here to see more testimonials.


Main course features


· Welcome and Introduction

· Seeing how Equality & Diversity (E&D) relates to us ALL

· Looking at the use of language and the role it plays in valuing diversity

· Equality Act 2010—update

· Relating E&D to real life work experiences

· Identifying and dealing with harassment and bullying behaviour

· Looking at what course participants and their organisations can do to further promote E&D

· Developing a personal action plan


For a course brochure with a more detailed course outline email:  training@copeforequality.co.uk


NOTE: We also offer this course in-house and can tailor it to meet the organisation’s needs.



Dispelling ignorance which leads to  prejudice

Text Box: Note. If you are looking for an equality and diversity course on managing diversity, and how to be more responsive to the diverse needs of people from different racial and cultural backgrounds, then click here for details of our unique and successful development workshop for managers—Managing Diversity.


Creating Opportunity Promoting Equality

Making a Difference

“The training provided across the whole organization was well received from our craft workers through to the Board and challenged many stereotypes about E&D issues. The most pleasing result though has been the lasting effect that has been made and the ongoing work that the training prompted.”


John Whitelock, Assistant Director

Supported Housing, Saffron Housing Trust.

Who will benefit


Staff at all levels


Course Dates


Offered internally




£650.00—for up to 12 delegates per session.








For a course brochure and to book the course email: training@copeforequality.co.uk

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